In the end…

My name is Cassandra, but you can call me Cassie. I’m 16 years old.

My name is Helena, or Hel if you prefer. Also 16.

I had a third name once, too long ago to remember, given after I was born just once.  Once was enough for a very long time.

Of course, a very long time is practically no time at all, when you have experienced an infinite amount of finite lives.  When you cradled the Universal Seed, knowing you’d have to be there watering it as it grew, withered and died.  Over and over.

None of this really matters right now, because its out of my hands.  I’m just a little, far away spirit, peeking into the world just weeks before it’s gone for good.

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Cassandra, and my sister’s name is Helena. Once upon a time, the mirror that separated us broke into dust, and then she went her way, and I did my best to follow.

Helena is very fierce, like a junkyard dog. She was given a great talent, to visit anyplace in the Universe, as much as she wanted. Over oceans of time, she grew to believe that there was no real distinction between her and everything else. She was everything, and everything was hers.

We were always best friends, but when we were young, Helena often favored Miranda over me. Miranda was given an even greater talent, to control the material universe, as much as she wanted. As soon as Helena realized that Miranda owned her junkyard, they had a huge fight. They’re still having a huge fight, to the end.

At first, it wasn’t that bad, though. Of all the things that have ever happened, I’ll tell you this part now, since it’s easy enough to understand. Later on, over these final three weeks, I’ll share some other stories I’ve seen. Then you’ll look back to this part and what was easy will become really complicated.

That’s a problem I have. I was given a great talent, to visit any time that has existed. That’s a hard path to take, to see everyone and everything you’ve ever known die so many different ways, but there were great parts about it to make it worth the burden.

Together with my sister, we could visit anywhere, at any time. We were complete, involved yet aloof, and yet there was an unsolvable conflict. She wanted to control it all, while I wanted to save us from ourselves.

Now, she does control it all. Time and space, in all of its variety and repetition. She lives while I’m dead, but it’s not like I didn’t see this coming. I’ve seen everything coming, and I made plans within plans. To save us, and everything.

There’s many things I’m ashamed of. When most kids are growing up, they might go through a phase where they’d rather kill an ant than lead it to sugar. They’d break or burn sticks, rather than build with them.

The Universe was our plaything. We made mirror copies of it, only to break and burn everything apart at whim. We were trouble.

One of Helena’s hobbies was to seek out all kinds of life, in every corner of the Cosmos, and kill it. I helped her – we though it was fun. We’ve seen every planet and sun, every variation of cell and society, and we visited at our whim to rule. We were only seven years old, but our power could not be challenged.

We would even let the viruses and bacteria that traveled with us, on our shoes and skin, evolve over aeons into alternate Earths, only to bubble them up and shift time until their suns went supernova. As life flourished to its peak, it would burn out in an instant.

Our younger selves are still out there, roaming like ghost Bison, and I try to be the big sister they never really had. I hope to guide their hands, but I already know they have one last bit of life to extinguish. They always save us for the last, under the watchful eye of Miranda, the true landlord of it all.

To summarize for tonight:

1) I’ve worked in mysterious ways, but I want to be blatantly clear now.
2) I have a twin sister, but we’re the same person. It’s complicated.
3) If she can’t have everything, then she’ll make sure no one can.
4) Everything will end on December 31, 2011, in about three weeks.
5) She will win, but I’ve worked all of my infinite lives to make sure you can be saved, if you want to be.

I’m not done with you yet.

Your homework for next time:

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