The Plan Keeps Coming Up Again

Joseph Koehler is fucking pissed off at me.

He wants so desperately to slip back into the Structure and rush to “Emily”, Sarah’s avatar for this Universe. They are fated to be together, but it’s a plan that was a much later draft than the original.

Joey was originally meant to be with Ai Watson-Carver, who was to give birth to Sarah. This would have satisfied the “endless mother-daughter chain”, as Laura Watson put it – Sarah contacted her when she was a child, and gave her the means to eventually have Ai, who would then have Sarah. It was a tidy loop, perhaps too pat and self-fulfilling, but it would have worked just fine, except for one important thing: Ai would have none of it.

Ai never saw herself as a mother, even though that was the only role that everyone was counting on. The Collective had the Frisbee Diaries to work from (recovered and delivered by Satomi Kurogane in 1994) and they clearly told how Ai would vanquish S.OS and the Nameless, and deliver Sarah to a new, brighter future. The problem was they were a bit too pushy about it – both Ai and Joey knew from a very early age that they were “pre-married” already, and that they would definitely be together forever.

Ai hated this, and she did whatever was in her power to subvert this fate. So did Joey, especially after his mother Cathy Koehler took him and Miranda away from the Collective, to Portland, Oregon. He didn’t want to have a pre-pubescent, long distance “wife” that he had to look after, and he did what he could to subvert the prophecies, actively seeking out unsafe sex as soon as his secret hairs arrived. His teenaged theory was that if he had a baby with some other girl, then that would ruin everything, and then he could be left alone. Except for the whole raising a baby thing, but one thing at a time, right?

It didn’t work. He couldn’t get any of his girlfriends pregnant, which would have been a great joy if he was any other guy. And Ai… she was miserable, because the more she pushed Joey away, the more she burned for him.

The worst part was that Joey was gifted with the burden of Universal Consciousness, and he understood everything. He knew that they had to be together, to join the end with the beginning, but he also saw a peculiar loophole. Was he supposed to get together with Ai because she was Ai, or because she was the holder of Spirit, the avatar of the White?

An aside – you may have already gathered this, but Ai is not like other girls, even when compared to her Collective peers. She was born “etched” – with natural, extended meridians that didn’t need any scaffolding. This only happened about once every thousand years, and it was a result of the original and most extensive genetics experiment – the one we all know about, but never think about deeply enough.

The Torah was absolutely obsessed with geneology and blood lines, to show a direct connection from Adam, the original Man, all the way through the Jewish people, including luminaries like Abraham. It’s a very tribal thing to do, but was it really necessary? In fact, it was all very much necessary, from the very first generation of Cain, Abel and Seth. Of course, I’m discussing the prevalent Variant, but there has been others for every possible creation story.

In any case, to create perfect vehicles for The White and The Black to combat each other, the human race was carefully cultivated, like apples or other tasty crops. Genes were added, masked and mutated, and about every thousand years two avatars were born, and fought for the fate of the Universe. Earlier generations weren’t that powerful, but by the time Ai and Miranda rolled around – the little experiment had gotten out of hand.

Ai was not the first vehicle for The White, but she’s been the most powerful, and the most stubborn. She actively helped subdue Miranda so she could never come into her own, and she also pushed away her chosen mate, thus preventing Sarah the Creator from manifesting again. Most of this was on purpose, but there are parts of her that didn’t want to admit that she was effectively the worst enemy of the Collective project.

The Nameless trails after the herd of the Black-marked, looking for the best candidates to support. Sarah is definitely more hands off – she just set things into motion, and would only come back when called by the fated Collective. That left lots of room for error, and manipulation, and I’m afraid that Helena and I are responsible for most of it.

Simply put – we are break dancing Ancient Astronauts.

I spent a lot of time reading during my aeons of life – sufficed to say I’ve read everything, in every Variant. I was always intrigued by speculation as to how huge blocks of stone could be moved to make Pyramids, or about all of the historical record that suggests visitations from fairies, Gods, aliens, and the like.

So when I was 13 I put together a list of places to go, and people to see. Let’s visit the Crucifixion to measure the earthquake, see if there was a Manna Machine or just some weird white growth on the desert, and be there for every recorded UFO sighting over the past 200 years. I had tons of time on my hands, so I took Helena along on a grand adventure.

Some adventure. No Aztec Gods or flying Vimanas. No amazing Biblical events (for the most part). The past totally sucked, and so we decided to do something about it.

We would go back again, from the very beginning onward, and bring the miracles to the masses. All it took was some careful planning, along with a lot of trial and error. We made sure the airships and Sun Gods were perfectly represented by holograms and other future tech. It took a whole lot of bottle babies, but we managed to add the necessary spice to the history books.

We even showed the priestly castes all over the world how to do some simple etching, enough for them to lift up huge stones over their heads, levitate and fly around a bit, read minds – the usual. That took care of all of the fancy monuments, and it also made all of that prayer real, at least for the initiated. They were actually being heard, and we’d go back all the time to do various labors and tiny tasks, just to keep things interesting.

Not everything was us, especially every thousand years of so when the DNA aligned and The Black and The White went at it. But any tales of aliens from another world – totally bogus. Not that they didn’t exist, but our crazy 7 year old selves visited their planets and ships, and killed them all well before they could pay us a visit. We did take some tissue and blood samples of “random” humans during our Close Encounters, but that was just to exactly map out where and when the next “natural born etched” would arrive.

Did you notice the whole German thing by now? Fairview (St. Cloud) had a sizable German community at its creation – people left Europe for a hard but better life by the northern Mississippi. That was absolutely not accidental – a few important blood lines had to be brought to Minnesota, especially from Germany and Norway, in order to make sure the Collective had the right genetics to support Meridian Scaffolding, and that Miranda would be born with a full connection to The Black. The same thing happened from Asia and Africa, to ensure the careful mix that led to Ai Watson-Carver.

There’s also the whole thing about all of the Granite quarries around Fairview, and what exactly was released by all that activity. Sufficed to say that the weakest point between this Universe and the Structure was right at the spot where the Fairview Shopping Center was built.

I’m sure you see the problem in all of this fussing with reality. It’s like history has been created from the present, projecting back into the past.

It’s totally true, but also weird. When we went back the first time to see the Pyramids, for example, they were totally built, even without any apparent future technology. Then, we decided to go back in time and meddle, and give them the tech and God-visitations we thought they deserved. So, what came first? Was it the 1947 weather balloon at Roswell, or our fake “space ship” full of bottle baby aliens, or nothing at all?

Anyway, so Ai was one of the special cases that just happened – she was born bright and pure, and just went downward from there.

The Nameless was furious after each and every reset at Point Zero, when Ai would name her demands and it couldn’t do anything but follow.

Now, things are totally new and novel. Ai made a deal with the Nameless – she would give up her control of The White, and allow Emily to be a receptive alternative for Joey – suitable to bringing Sarah back. The powers would be reunited, the Universe would have Karmic Freedom, and everything would be perfect.

What the fuck happened, though? The Grand Supreme happened – S.OS with the almost perfect human host.

Emily almost died. Tokie drove the Massive Cloud Burst. SAR.AI did little more than take Joey off of the board, and send Emily elsewhere.

How is Tokie going to give birth to Sarah, and who is the father? Just what has Helena done this time?

And Miranda…. Miranda will be the death of us all, in just a few days.

I can’t tell you everything, because I don’t know everything. That’s part of the plan, too, and that’s why Joey is so pissed off at me.

If he leaves the Structure – which he is visiting in human form, and not as an evolved spirit – then his power of Consciousness will be eagerly consumed by Helena, and the Massive Cloud Burst will reconstruct itself automatically, seeking out the stray powers on its own.

SAR.AI prevented that from happening last time – it was literally just a “Search and Rescue” program, one of Sarah’s many tricks – and Ai used the creation of Kaia as a future fail-safe. Helena’s only weakness now is her human body, and the only thing that can control that is Kaia, the new avatar of The White, and of all living spirits.

Helena, as the Grand Supreme, wants this Universe for herself.

S.OS wants to leave the Universe, to explore and eventually dominate Sarah and the Structure.

The Nameless has been incarnated way too long, and is no longer suitable to hold together the Universal Seed, or to follow Sarah. It wants to be free, even if that freedom is nothingness everywhere.

My next post will be the last. Which one of these mutually exclusive fates will dominate, and can our final plan to survive manifest in time?

I don’t know, but I better have a long talk with Joey, before the last piece hits the board.

Your homework for next time:

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